Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Phnom Bokor

Bokor is the highest mountain in Cambodia is 1,075 meters high and located about 12 kilometers west of Kampot province. The temperature at the top is often quite cool, because the road is poor, and the 30 kilometers trip from the base to the top of the mountain can take up to two hours and sometime longer it’s depending on the mode of transportation.

We will find a lush forest, large rocks shaped like animals and sailing junks, as well as a spectacular panoramic view of the Kampot countryside, Sihanoukville and the bright, blue sea at the mountaintop. However, the two-tiered waterfall is a fine place to bathe on a sunny day on Phnom Bokor. The upper falls are 14 meters high and are the best place to swim. The lower falls are 18 meters high and can be reached by a path and wooden stairway that is signposted from the upper falls.

Phnom Bokor was first discovered by a group of foreigners in 1917 and later organized by a Frenchman named Roulouse on April 13, 1922 during the reign of king Sisowath. During colonial times, Phnom Bokor was a place of leisure for the French colonists looking for an alternative to the coastal plain.